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: Living Laodicea - a revelation of the last move [DN Hoets, 1991]

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Apostolic Focus: Our Foundation needs to be Jesus Himself in all our doctrine and life
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"We are on the eve of the LAST TIDAL WAVE - the greatest worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the history of the Church." Read more...

The intense global shaking began in 2007 with catastrophic floods sweeping throughout many nations. This gives us an indication of the timing of the LAST TIDAL WAVE as it comes ONLY AFTER the shaking has begun according to the prophet Haggai!

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christian foundation for revival

Reformation Cornerstone

Every Pentecostal/Charismatic MUST be established in the historical or classical foundation. This is not an option. It is a must. The historic foundation has been thrown out of the pulpit. This will restore the church and this is ALL that is needed. Those who are NOT established in this foundation of knowing Jesus Christ are in danger of being the 'many' to whom Jesus says 'I never knew you'. This is what is wrong with Charismatic theology, especially Prosperity doctrine. They have thrown out the historic foundation and it is completely foreign to them - it is Greek to them. Actually they may understand more Greek than this foundation!

To reject this foundation is to reject Jesus. It is the rejection of Jesus's call to the lukewarm Laodicean church - Revelation 3:20.

Every church that does NOT have this foundation is lukewarm Laodicea. The lukewarm church is in danger of being left behind when Jesus returns. Although the whole church will be caught up in the rapture, there are many warnings in the Scriptures of many being left behind. Ten virgins. Only five make it. Spewed out of My mouth.

This is the most urgent need in the church today. Flee from any preacher who ignores or scoffs at this warning to reform. This reform is what God wants in the American church. This is seen as true repentance. Only this will stop the coming judgment on America.

God restored truth from the time of the Reformation. We keep the truth revealed and add to it as God restores more truth. However, we have thrown out the historical foundation. Do you see the logical error in this?

Two Dangerous Paths

By DN Hoets

All of us need to have a foundation by which we live on a day-to-day basis. Most of us simply follow the greater body of Christ. We simply look at what is accepted by the greater Body of Christ and follow like sheep.

Today, two movements have grown rapidly and sometimes even dominate the Charismatic movement. The Word-Faith / and Prosperity and the Toronto/Prophetic/New Apostolic Reformation. Both of these are movements that I strongly advise you to avoid. Some ministries have a mix of these. Some ministries pull in a little from each of these movements and avoid the extremes. This is deceptive as the true foundation is still missing and this approach is just as dangerous.

I left the Word-Faith / Prosperity movement roughly 30 years ago and entered the wilderness. The main reason for entering the wilderness was that there was no alternative being put forward in the church. I was seeking something which I could not find. We all need a foundation. I sought God to show me the way forward and He began to reveal His foundation over time. His foundation is the historical foundation best taught by Jeanne Guyon. Of note, I still hold fast to the important truths of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit and the healing that has been since restored to the Body of Christ.

Those that stayed in the Charismatic world had a very different foundation to the one I have. The historical foundation is all about Jesus Christ and about knowing Him truly through the Presence of God. It is about the way of the cross. It is pure. The anointing is pure. There is no strange fire such as which has come forth in the Toronto/Prophetic/New Apostolic Reformation movement. The "anointing" of the Toronto/Prophetic/New Apostolic Reformation is "drunken glory", "uncontrolled laughing", "jerking", "shaking", "gold-dust", "feathers", "angel-mania", "animal noises" and every other weird and even New-Age manifestations that are not found in the Bible. Because they are not established in the historical foundation which is Jesus Christ, they veer off into the flesh and even into the demonic. The manifestations do enter the demonic and are similar to the eastern spirit, the kundalini.

We do need to identify the main proponents of these two movements and to avoid them. This is the main end-time deception that Jesus warned us to avoid.

The Word-Faith / and Prosperity ringleader is Kenneth Copeland. Joel Osteen, pastor of the US's largest church, Lakewood preaches a lite-version of the same Word-faith / Prosperity gospel. Many ministries are not fully in this movement. However, they still bring this doctrine into their teaching.

The Toronto/Prophetic/New Apostolic Reformation started with Rodney Howard-Browne and Toronto Airport Church. IHOP in Kansas City and Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, California are also central in this movement. Todd Bently and the Lakeland "revival" are also very much part of this.

Many saints (and even pastors) have simply stumbled into these movements and have not perceived the danger and the deception.

My advice (supported by David Wilkerson and others), flee from these movements to the true historic or classical foundation. Once you are established in the foundation that I speak of, you will never again be swayed from movement to movement.


Paving the way to the Rise of the Antichrist

By DN Hoets

America is being judged by God.

There seem to be two main steps.
1. Economic collapse

2. Destruction of major US cities by fire (by Russia through a nuclear holocaust)
David Wilkerson, Dimitri Dudeman, Henry Groover, A.A. Allen and others are the prophets here.

Timing: A large proportion of the world's population die in the Tribulation due to war. The descriptions in Ezekiel 38-39 and Revelation indicate that the conflict is nuclear. Daniel 11: 40-45 occurs just before the middle of the Tribulation. Similarities to Ezekiel 38 - 39. Storm or whirlwind. Libya and Ethiopia. Must be the same war. The destruction of the weapons and the cleanup of 7 years overlaps into the Millennial reign of Jesus.

US and Russia are the main nuclear powers today. Russia is destroyed on the mountains of Israel. It seems that Russia launches a first strike (nuclear) against the cities of America just before the Ezekiel 38-39 move of Russia into the Middle-East takes place. In the war of Armageddon, which begins just before mid-Tribulation, the US goes down first, then Russia and finally China at the last battle.

Many signs of a coming WW3 are visible today. Collapse of oil price. Russia's economic humiliation. Ukraine. Possible Syria (has Russian port) next. Economic chaos. It seems like the revelation of the Antichrist after the Rapture of the church will bring a semblance of "order" and delay this war for a short while. The Rapture must be very soon.

1. Removal of the blessing of God (protection, prosperity)

It does look more and more likely that the main economic judgment comes in September | October 2015. The third strike. This will effectively end the American era. From then on, a new global world reserve currency will arise most likely from the new BRICS world bank. This paves the way to the eventual rise of the Antichrist. One world system. America will keep this together for a while.

America was a great light which restrained the world from evil and the spirit of the antichrist in the past, bringing the gospel to the world. However, America has fallen. The blessing of God - protection, prosperity - has been completely removed. The light has gone out. Dark days lie ahead for all of us throughout the world.

We need prophetic clarity concerninng the coming Biblical year and general season. What has been said about it?

Blood moons and solar eclipse


The Harbinger

The Vision by David Wilkerson (1974)

Stock market crash, Banks crash due to derivative market crash (main crash) - affecting all your "safe" money in banks, pension funds and paper money. You will not be safe by simply moving funds from shares to money market funds. Banks will be wiped out (with bail-ins) when the derivative market collapses. Mortgaged houses will be repossesed by banks, etc as they collapse. Banks will have to collect all debt outstanding when they fold. Bank holidays. Bank runs. Property market collapses. Gold and silver will rise exponentially for a short time. Major companies will collapse. Much worse than 2008. The dollar collapses. World currencies collapse. A global financial reset. A new world currency arises.

Judgments on America are 7 years apart. 2001. 2008. 2015. It seems to be three main economic judgments. Two have taken place. Increasing in intensity. They become more and more global. Why? The nations have drunk from America and have the same illness. Judgment is not only on America, but the entire world. Some of the Western nations have drunk more and will be affected more. This is seen by the almost zero interest rates in these nations. Judgment focused on protection and prosperity. God blessed America. America has turned away from God and God is now taking away the hedge of protection and prosperity.
(2001 also prophetically points to the future destruction of the major US cities by fire)

Timing: Note that 2016 is also significant for economic collapse as it is the Jubilee year after seven sevens. This pattern started after Jerusalem was united in 1967. Each seven year period ended with a stock market crash. 2016 is a super Shemitah - the 50th year.

What is the cause of the judgment?

A nation (with unusual covenantal oath to God) that has turned away from God and refuses to repent.

Is the church to blame? The church is meant to be the light of a nation. Thus the American church is at fault. Logically, we can only come to the conclusion that the American church is backslidden. This is not news to those who are close to Jesus. What is the doctrine which is most similar to the culture? The prosperity (and "faith") gospel. This seems to the worst of the doctrine coming forth from the backslidden church in America.
(Listen to David Wilkerson's severe rebuke of the pillow prophets - Word-faith and Prosperity movement in his sermons on YouTube. He rightly says that there is not only a last great revival but also a last great apostasy and a seduction of Christianity in the last of the last days. This is always overlooked or diminished by the those within these movements today. They speak of a coming revival yet ignore and are blind (deceived) to the seduction of Christianity in their midst.)


2. Redrawing the map of the US

The second reason for judgment is: Meddling, making smaller and dividing the land of Israel

Many see natural disasters such as a major earthquake coming to America soon, very soon. The context of the blood moons in Joel is judgment of nations for dividing the land of Israel. This also points to 2015-2016. The walls of protection are down. There could even be terrorist attacks on American soil. A prophet from Puerto Rico saw a meteor hitting an island close to Puerto Rico causing a massive wave to affect the East Coast of the US, together with a very powerful earthquake and possibly a redrawing of the map of the US. The US would become smaller as the waters came in. The earth could stop spinning for a few days from a 12 point earthquake bringing darkness over the US for 3 days. Prophecies of a major earthquake which affects the West Coast are numerous. There are also prophecies that the US will split(be divided) at the Madrid fault. Look at Luke 21: 25-26. David Wilkerson saw a major earthquake striking the US at far back as 1974.

Repentance can still turn back this judgment. However, it really does not look like it is going to happen.
(Note that according to the Scriptures, this judgment will happen. Mystery Babylon is America. So it is actually written in stone)

The solar eclipse is a sign of judgment upon the world. The blood moons points to war and a major victory in Israel and Middle-East. God has not revealed the details of this yet. Syria seems to be a vortex which is drawing more and more nations in. Russia and China will also eventually come in if Assad is attacked. The above concerns the world. This is only part of the picture.

What should we learn from this?

God is in control. He is so so sovereign, long suffering, measured and merciful, even in judgment.

The root cause is much broader than the prosperity gospel. It affects almost every ministry. It has everything to do with the foundation. This is similar to what is happening to America. They responded to 9/11 with a war against terror. However, the root cause was turning away from God.

We need a new foundation - new wineskins.

Some clues.

It will emphasise the sovereignty of God.

It will destroy pride.

It will bring back prayer - spending time with God. How to pray unceasing.

It is the very foundation (the historic foundation) which I bring forth on this website. If the church in America had this foundation, America would not have fallen and the judgment and terror would not have come to America.

Further prophetic insight

Look at Mystery Babylon. Judgements include destruction of major cities in US by fire (attack by Russia) in the time of the end.

I used to take Mystery Babylon to be the one-world religious system in the past. This is the view a lot of Bible prophecy scholars and students have held to for many years. However, I have spent much time looking (with prayer) at this in recent days and have come away with clarity that Mystery Babylon is America.

It is the Rome of the end times. It is the place from where the last world empire comes. It is a literal place and the Rome of the time of Apostle John is clearly not the "Rome" of the end times. It is a mystery which is unveiled as we come closer to the end. David Wilkerson identified New York, the city in which he ministered, as the city Babylon in his book in 1985. God showed him this truth many years ago. There are also many dreams and visions which confirm this.
(There still is a one-world religious system and Mystery Babylon is the leader in this arena as well.)


The Laodicean must die

By DN Hoets

As we move further into the time of the tetrad of blood moons, and into the last year of the current seven year cycle in the Hebrew calendar, not only are we to watch world events and the global economy, the expansion of Gog and Magog, judgment upon the US and an eventual return of the US Jews to Israel but also let us see the condition of the last church - Laodicea - and how to escape it.

Two of the most important things that Jesus said to the church of Laodicea (a picture of the lukewarm church at the end of the age) are:

1. A call to know Jesus Christ deeply and personally. This is Revelation 3:20. A true and real relationship with Jesus Christ is required. This is more than preaching the new birth. This is about having a real relationship with Jesus Christ and there are NOT many paths to this genuine faith. Jeanne Guyon brings it forth best in her most well-known book, Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (Library of Spiritual Classics, Volume 2). This has been endorsed by Watchman Nee, Hudson Taylor, John Wesley and many other spiritual giants throughout history.

This foundation is seldom taught today. However, it is probably the most important truth that every Christian needs to know.

This truth has not been taught even by Bible teachers of the past such as Derek Prince. It seems like this truth has been revealed only at the very end. It is really bringing the substance of knowing Jesus to the fore and allowing this to get so big that all other doctrine dims and becomes secondary as we really begin to know Jesus and His glory in a new and deep way.

This opens up the way to experiencing the glory of God continually... something so wonderful... something so glorious ... that most do not know. Some have touched His glory and basked in His glory FOR A WHILE when in a worship meeting. This way takes things much further. It takes you fully into His glory. Kathryn Kuhlman was one of the few who knew this way and was truly established in it.

You can't be rooted in this way and also in what is coming forth today. This foundation will change everything.... doctrine as well as your very nature. This is the revelation of Jesus Christ in a way which is largely unknown in the body of Christ today.

2. The Laodicean must die

A deep* relationship with Jesus Christ requires more. It requires a death of ALL of self and this involves a dying to "all forms of works, ministry and even Christian works" of which some are later restored. The purpose of this is to bring us to a place where we rely on Jesus alone in all things.

*The Greek in Revelation 3:20 brings this out. He desires to "dine with him and he with Me" refers to the main meal of the day and speaks of a deep connection.

"To him who I also overcame" (verse 21) and "gold refined in the fire" (verse 18) clearly indicates that He requires the Laodicean to die to self. The implication is that if we do not die to self now, we will be left behind and will have to die as martyrs during the tribulation.

Jeanne Guyon brings forth the way of the cross and the death of the self life very clearly and accurately in her works. Often, this is taught incorrectly. This is why I highly recommend her books.

Here we come to a place of death which seals us into the Inner Court. No longer do we have a mixture. No longer do we live mostly in the Outer Court and occassionaly visit the Inner Court touching His Presence. Here we live in the Tent continually and are drawn into the Holy of Holies at His sovereign bidding.


The biggest problem today is that this truth of knowing Jesus and the way of the cross is not being taught. As a result, we find very few who have grasped this and who have a deep, solid relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the substance.

Instead, we have everything else. The collapse of the church building in Nigeria is a type of this. It is a prophetic warning to the church that we need to have the right, deep spiritual foundation otherwise our house will collapse. Many will be left behind when our Lord comes at the rapture.

One thing is certain. The Laodicean will die - either coming to the death of the self life now or face martyrdom by beheading in the tribulation.


Understanding The Foundation

By DN Hoets

The Scriptures bring forth two aspects of the foundation of our faith.
The first is Hebrews 6. This is the foundational doctrines, which includes the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The second is Apostle Paul's foundation which is Christ Jesus.

A few hundred years ago, the church emphasised the second part - the foundation of Jesus Christ. They had a strong foundation in Jesus Christ. Saints such as Jeanne Guyon brought forth this very clearly and in depth.

However, instead of keeping this foundation, the Pentecostal awakening focused on the restoration of the foundational doctrines and emphasised the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Many felt that they needed to break away from Andrew Murray and the old foundation. There was a break and the Pentecostal movement separated from historic Christianity.

Significantly, Apostle Paul emphasised the foundation of Jesus Christ more than the foundational doctrines. Even through they are essential, he emphasised the foundation of Jesus Christ. He was glad that he did not baptize many... which covers the foundational doctrines. So should not Apostle Paul's mix and emphasis be ours too?

God is bringing these together in the end-time move of God. He has been restoring the foundation of Jesus Christ, bringing a unity and maturity in the body of Christ. Much of the foolishness that has come forth in the Charismatic movement melts away when the classical foundation of Jesus Christ is restored. Even the unhealthy teachings of the Prosperity Movement will not stand when the classical foundation is restored. Everything comes into balance.

I find that most today in the ministry do not know the classical foundation. What happens is everything is off-base - whether doctrine or anything coming forth. Everything comes forth wrong if the foundation is not there. In other words, this foundation is very important.

Highly Recommended Book by Jeanne Guyon:
Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (Library of Spiritual Classics, Volume 2)

Note: God has been restoring truth to the church since the Reformation. This means that we need ALL the truth of the previous movements.


What is important to God?

By DN Hoets

God will pass over a million today. He will pass over the religious. He will pass over those who are busy with crusades and evangelism. He will pass over those caring for the widows and the orphans. He will even pass over ministers of the gospel. What He is looking for is different. He is looking for the person who has a true inward walk with Jesus Christ. One who is established in the foundation which I have revealed on this website.

He will look at a professional in the secular world who is truly established inwardly in God and pass over a pastor who has lost or never truly known the inward way of knowing Jesus. Most pastors talk of having an inward walk with Jesus, yet their doctrine and words deny and contradict.

Many today appeal for finances for the widow and orphan. Some appeal for the work of evangelism. A lot of this comes under the cloak of religion. This is especially true in developing countries. God is looking for the inward foundation. That which is outward appears to be good is often discarded by God. He is looking for something else.

Many today are too focused on social media. God wants you to spend time with Him! Connections and relationships with others should fade in the light of His glory and grace.
Today, we say leadership is influence. However, Jesus once told a large crowd that inwardness was what He desired. Miracles and providing for their needs was what the crowd wanted. Many walked away. Jesus was not concerned about influence and numbers.

I have to go back a few hundred years to find saints who truly knew the inward walk with God. That, in itself, speaks volumes about the spiritual state of this generation.

Let us ensure that we are not wandering along and being carried by the winds of this generation. Let us seek God and learn His ways.

Why the entire church has missed it and needs reformation

Jesus spoke of this often emphasising the importance of a true inner walk with God rather than merely cleansing the outside of the cup and dish.

This means that you cant simply take the New Testament (at face value) and then do it as is taught almost everywhere today. Rather you need to have an inward foundation whch is Jesus and then you will fulfill the Word truly. This is more than the new birth and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. One needs to be established in Jesus and to know Him deeply.This is the mystery of the gospel.

You need to emphasise and teach the gospel differently. I turn on Christian television and hear this outward form of the gospel coming forth all the time. No one - not one - brings forth the inward foundation properly. One can only bring forth the gospel differently if you are first reformed yourself.

Unforturnately, most saints are blind and simply receive everything they hear, whether it is true or not. Simply throw in a few Scriptures and Greek words and that makes it acceptable! Not everything taught from the Scriptures is actually from the Scriptures. Ignorance and deception keeps the people of God from the truth.

Some truths of the inner walk that we need to learn...

You will hunger after God, and find Him, in the same proportion that you hunger after the cross.

It is impossible for you to truly love the Lord without loving the cross. (Guyon)

There is "no excitement" in the the inner walk. Nothing will move you, whether good things or trouble. A stability will become evident when one walks before God truly.


Christmas message 2013

By DN Hoets

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus.

I believe, Christmas, is very significant this year, not only for the people of your nation, but for the whole world. While we focus on His first coming at Christmas, His second coming quickly approaches. Even Billy Graham has publically stated that the signs are converging as never before in history.
The sign of the blood moons begin from Passover, 2014. There has been a dire warning of a possible global currency reset from the IMF in the next few months. Judgments coming to the US. War in the Middle East.

The death of Paul Crouch and the sudden weakening of Billy Graham are very significant. There have been prophecies which indicate that only after the death of some of God's generals the final move of God will come. This ties in with the context of the four blood moons. The end of an order and a change in season. I ponder these things as South Africa mourns for Nelson Mandela, a great statesman.

As we watch and see all these things begin to take place, let us ensure that we are truly established in the salvation which Jesus bought for us at the cross. Let us be found standing on the Rock as the storm clouds begin to gather.

What do I mean by this?

Let me illustrate. Recently, I watched two well-known Spirit-filled men of God talk on cable television. They are household names. They are known throughout the world. One spoke of the importance of the Jesus prayer. What is the Jesus prayer you may ask? It comes from the early church. Men and women of God sought to pray unceasingly. By the way, praying unceasingly has always been what spiritual men and women of God have sought throughout the ages. They have never been satisfied with the status quo. They desire more of God. A touch from heaven is not enough. They desire to live in His Presence continually. Now, one of these men said that the way to attain this was to repeat the Jesus prayer (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner). He said that he prays this all the time. The other man of God said that he also did that when he walked throughout the nations. He repeated the Jesus prayer over and over again. They stated that if you do this all day, you will even dream about Jesus at night.

My question to you is this. Is this correct? Are these two Spirit-filled men of God really established in Jesus?

Is there not a better way? How should we teach the saints of God to come before God?
(Note that this is for believers. One first needs to come to Jesus in repentance and receive Him as both Lord and Saviour to enter the kingdom of God. This is the beginning of the Christmas message.)

The second part is becoming established in Jesus.

The key is given below:

In our time alone with God, we turn our heart inwardly to our Lord Jesus and keep turning toward Him until our mind is collected and quiet before Him. We should then remain quiet before Him for a while. Often we will experience and enjoy His Presence here and we need to simply remain before Him: do not say or do or think anything as long as His Presence continues. The principle, again, is this: we should not move as long as He is near.

The awareness of our Lord‘s presence will lift after a while and this is the time when we need to speak a word, even simply His name - Jesus – and we will find that the sweetness of His Presence returns and settles on us. When His presence returns fully, we need once again to be still before Him.

There is a fire within you and it ebbs and grows. That fire, when it ebbs, must be gently fanned, but only gently. Just as soon as that fire begins to burn, again cease all your efforts. Otherwise, you might put out that flame [Guyon].

There is a fire of Divine love. It is this love which burns the believer and can even cause the believer to suffer. How? Sometimes the absence of the Beloved greatly affects the believer. The love of God intoxicates the believer and puts an insatiable longing within him to be changed into the likeness of his Lord. Therefore, it can be said of love... Divine love is as strong as death, for it kills just as surely as death kills. [Molinos]

When the presence of the Lord really becomes your experience, you will actually discover that you have gradually begun to love this silence and peaceful rest which come with His presence [Guyon]. We have come to something which is delightful. Tasted the genuine Presence of the Lord. We feel as if we are in paradise. We have found within our Lord something which is sweeter than all the pleasures of this world. Sweeter than honey. More precious than gold. Drunk the true wine of God. He has brought me to the house of wine [Song of Solomon 2:4a]. Here His Presence is like precious oil that heals every inward wound, a fragrance which comes over our whole being.

This is not only the beginning of true prayer but also the way to true worship of our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Revival comes as true prayer and worship is established in the hearts of a remnant of His people.

This is the beginning of the way to pray unceasingly. It is not as the two men of God said. Their approach was wrong. It is similar to a heathen mantra, repeating a prayer over and over again. Instead, we need to learn how truly to become established in Jesus. This is how we learn to abide in Him and walk in the Spirit. Of course, this is only the beginning. However, many – such as the two men of God -  have not grasped this simple truth.

If you grasp this simple Christmas message, you will be on the road to spiritual soundness and stability – standing on the Rock - as the storm clouds of this world begin to gather.

Have a blessed Christmas
Revival Central, South Africa


2014 and beyond: Signs and Wonders

By DN Hoets

The countdown to the last of the last days started in 1948 when Israel was resurrected as a nation and God began to bring back the Jews, who have been scattered amongst the nations of the world, into the land of Israel - the land given by God to the Jewish nation.

However, the final countdown began in 2008. Acceleration began to occur. The signs were gradual and slow up to this time. Suddenly things began to change. The speed of convergence of the signs of the times has increased dramatically since that time. All the signs are present.

God spoke of this time through the prophet Haggai, 'I will shake heaven and earth.' I have written extensively concerning this revelation in other articles on this site. It was the time which God spoke to me about in the early 1990's.

The countdown began with an economic shaking. It is still an ongoing crisis throughout the world and will eventually lead to a big crash of the global economy when the derivative market implodes and the dollar collapses. A new world currency and eventually a global government headed by the antichrist.

The Spirit of God revealed the significance of this new season - the final countdown - to me as I had spent many years before God pondering the Book of Haggai.
In 2007, I first discerned the change of season. In 2007, unusual floods occurred in many nations throughout the world and they were all reported as the worst floods in living memory. This gained my attention that something was happening.

The late David Wilkerson stated in his book, The Vision, which he wrote in 1974, that the first sign of the final end time countdown would be a severe economic crisis. Economic confusion. He described the financial crisis (2008 and onwards) in detail. Most of the things have come to pass. Some are still to occur in the time ahead.

David Wilkerson thus confirms that this indeed is the beginning of the final countdown.

So far, we have been in the beginnings of the end time countdown. Haggai has defined this period. Now, we are moving further into the end time countdown. The second stage. The shaking will still continue. Drastic weather patterns. Storms. Typhoons will increase. Great earthquakes. The greatest earthquake in the history of the United States is still coming.

However, another Scripture defines the period ahead and brings forth more light.

Acts 2: 19-20

I will show wonders in heaven above
And signs in the earth beneath:
Blood and fire and vapor of smoke.
The sun shall be turned into darkness,
And the moon into blood,
Before the coming of the great and
notable day of the Lord.

Remember the shaking affects both the heavens and the earth. Here, again, signs and wonders occur both in the heavens and on the earth.

The sign of 'Blood and fire and vapor of smoke' point to a significant war on the earth, probably the Syria and Ezekiel 38-39 war. Suffering will come to Israel. However, God reveals Himself as the defender of the Jewish nation and clearly declares to the world that He is God and is sovereign over the nations of the world. Great judgment will come upon the world at this time. Could the world economy and the dollar also collapse at this time? Something significant is coming and it seems likely that the Ezekiel 38-39 war takes place at this time.

The wonder in heaven is 'the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood.' This refers to the tetrad of blood moons and a solar eclipse which begins on Passover 2014. Watch John Hagee's presentation of this on u-tube.

The day of the Lord is the final 7-year period called the Tribulation according to the Scriptures. So according to the above Scripture, this occurs before the Tribulation.

Now, we need to look at the broader context of this passage. The verses before and the verse afterwards speak of signs and wonders amongst the people of God. The latter rain. The last revival and the final harvest are definitely found in the context of the above verses.

What concerns me is the foundation which needs to be in place for the last revival. I have zoomed in on this foundation - the rock-solid classical Christian foundation - as it separates the remnant from Laodicea and prepares the remnant for the outpouring of His Spirit in the days ahead.

These two revelations - Haggai and Peter's - give us a clear picture of the final countdown as well as a glimpse into the days ahead.  


Straightening the message of the kingdom of God

By DN Hoets

Many have shifted from being church-centred to being kingdom of God-centred. This is a good thing. Looking at the big picture. Looking at the whole. However, it is best that one be Jesus-centred. To know Him deeply is what is important.

However, I find an inconsistency here. While many speak of being kingdom-centred, they still hold fast to doctrine which is church-centred or movement-centred. They speak of being kingdom-centred - seeing the whole, yet hold fast to only part of the truth.

The end time mature body of Christ needs to embrace both the old and the new. Both the Charismatic truths as well as Classical Christianity. There needs to be an integration. Some things will go. Reform is needed as this adjustment is made. It is Spirit of God's directive in these latter days.

Revival will break forth as true reform takes place. The bride of Christ will also truly become Jesus-centred as this reform comes forth.


Hidden danger

By DN Hoets

In the last of the last days, we live in the time of the outpouring of His glory. The manifest Presence of God. Widespread healings and miracles. The manifest power of God. However, Jesus also warns us of deception in this last hour. He mentioned it many times in Matthew 24 to emphasise the importance of it to the people of God. Lying signs and wonders.

Healing, creative miracles. People falling under the power of God. A revival? Is looks like it is of God, but is it? If we look at it from afar,it appears as if it is all of God. Many follow the move. This is of God they all say. The works of God are being done. People are being healed. Deliverance is taking place. Many are being saved.

However, some things are just not right. There is no true inward abiding in Jesus. The rock-solid classical Christian foundation is missing. As a result, the characteristic gentleness of the Holy Spirit is not there. The flesh predominates. Being alive in God is measured by how loud you praise God. Being free in Jesus is measured by how enthuisiastically you clap and how high you dance before God. To my astonishment, there are even songs with lines such as:

I am free to run....
I am free to dance....
I am free to live for You....
I will shout louder ....
I will jump higher....
I am free...
I am free.

Being desperate for God. Getting excited for God. Hype. A false unity. Often there is the fleecing of the flock of their money. Making giving a principle. A law of the kingdom. Promises of reaping a earthly return. If Kenneth Copeland is esteemed highly, beware! Always in sheeps clothing. Using the Word of God. However, if we look closer the things that they are saying are not in the Word of God. There is a mixture.

Sometimes, as in the Lakeland and Toronto movements, we see and hear even more strange things which contradict or stretch the truth of the Bible. Many gloss over these things. After all, the works of God are being done. The power of God is being manifest. Surely this must be of God. Not necessarily. Is it then all of satan? No. There is a mixture. Some of the miracles are genuine. Sometimes it begins in God and then changes. God is so sovereign. However, God allows this mixture to sift His people in these last days.

The foundation is what is important. More important than miracles and the power of God. If the foundation is not there, flee from it. Deception will take you on the highway to hell. There are many on that broad highway. Beware. There is nothing more dangerous than deception in this last hour. Beware.

21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.

22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’

23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

The New King James Version. 1982 (Mt 7:21–23). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

Unfortunately, almost all the revival movements coming from the Charismatic movement of late have had this character. They have taken the short-cut. Remember the second temptation that Jesus overcame in the wilderness. Instead of taking the long, hard road of the wilderness, they have taken the easy short-cut. What you see is the fruit of such a short-cut. It is bad fruit. Is it not amazing that not one of the revival moves or waves coming from the Charismatic movement of late have been sound. Not one. This speaks to me that there is something seriously wrong with the foundation of the entire movement. That is why I emphasise the importance of the classical Christian foundation.


Understanding Laodicea

By DN Hoets

In the last of the last days, we live in the context of the outpouring of His glory as well as a lukewarm backslidden church. We need to fully understand and fully discern both of these aspects to please God and to keep away from satan's snares in the last hour.

Some only emphasise the outpouring of His glory. Others only see the lukewarm backslidden church. Scripturally, both have their place at this time. We need to be careful of ministries which only emphasise one aspect of the truth as they are probably blind to the complete picture and could well be in error.

Remember Malachi's words. He was the last prophet sent by God before a 400 year prophetic silence
until John the Baptist and Jesus came on to the scene. Malachi pointed out that the problem was a lack of reverence toward God. The religious people were blind to this. They were so backslidden and cold toward God that they could not discern it. They asked Malachi, In what way are we irreverent toward God? He replied, impure worship. In other words, a mixture.

At the end of the church age, the people of God have also backslidden. They too have a mixture. It is not all of God, none of self. Rather it is some of God, some of self. It is a mixture of doing and saying things in the Spirit and in the flesh. Often, churches are mostly in the flesh. They have a name that they are alive. However, they are really dead.

That is why the rock-solid classical Christian foundation is so important. It emphasises the cross and dying to the self-life. It shows the way to purity where there is no mixture.

When Jesus cleansed the temple, He was seeking pure worship in the temple, even under the Old Covenant. It was His prophetic declaration of war which led to the religious leaders seeking to destroy and murder Him on Calvary.

Consider Jesus at the beginning of His ministry. After 40 days in the wilderness, He was tempted by satan. He did nothing in the flesh. He did not speak of Himself to satisfy His needs. He only spoke in God. He would not speak to a stone - let alone a mountain - in the flesh. The self-life had no part in Jesus at all. In the second temptation, He would not do nor act in the flesh. This covers the religious realm. There was no self-life in His walk with God at all. This is dealt extensively in the middle stage of the classical Christian foundation.

The third temptation was to do with idols. We are also not to have any idols in our lives.

A backslider or a backslidden church has these characteristics. They say and do things in the flesh. There is a mixture. They usually have idols in their lives too.

Notice too that the abuse of the people of God with respect to finances is also a common trait of a backslidden church. Jesus exposed the religious leaders' doctrine concerning finances time and time again. They said it was acceptable to give all their wealth to the church and then be exonerated from taking care of their parents in old age breaking one of the 10 commandments. It is also true in the closing hour of the church. Preachers promise the blessings and miracles of God if the saints sow financially into their ministry.
(This should not be confused with financial miracles in the realm of His glory and that which is genuinely of God)

We need to ensure that we truly understand what it means to do things in the flesh. We also need to look at the chapter concerning worship in Living Laodicea (downloadable by clicking on image of book). It shows how through wrong teaching in Bible schools and seminaries, much of what comes forth in the Charismatic movement today is in the flesh. Although much truth comes from the Charismatic Movement such as the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, there is much blindness today. Some who say they are in revival are actually backslidden! It is significant that one who was caught up into heaven was shown the same thing. God showed him that a typical Charismatic church was backslidden. This is very different from what they are telling us. This backslidden condition is very broad - it affects denominations, the Charismatic Movement and even the Catholic church.


The Glory of God

By DN Hoets

Once we truly come to live and minister in His glory or His manifest Presence, our lives will forever be different. This is the way of the end-time revival, the final move of God throughout the earth. We need to enter into the fullness of His glory and it is God who draws us into this place sovereignly. Here we put away childish things. Everything will change. Miracles will be common place. Great authority here.

Two aspects of the change are seen on either side of the mountain of glory, Matthew 17. Just before Matthew 17 - Matthew 16 - and just after He came down from the mountain.

Just before Jesus took the inner circle up to the Mount of Transfiguration, He revealed the truth of taking up your cross daily. This does not mean that all must go into full-time ministry. We need to understand the cross properly. Look at the rock-solid classical Christian foundation which emphasises the importance of the cross.

On the way down from the mountain, it comes to the attention of Jesus that the rest of His disciples fail in delivering an epileptic. They were not ministering from His glory. They had not come from the mountain. They ministered in faith. Jesus reveals to them that the problem is not a lack of faith. Rather He tells them that only faith as small as a mustard seed is needed. In other words, faith is a minor nor a major. Their problem was that they were not ministering from His glory which comes with "prayer and fasting". In the realm of His glory, the gift of faith comes forth. There is no emphasis on believing and confessing as it is easy to receive when His Presence is manifest.

This is the picture of the church which He spoke of in Matthew 16. He wants His church to be living is His glory with this balance and maturity. This is the end-time mature church which begins with the revelation that Jesus Christ is the Christ, the Son of the living God. It is also in this realm of His glory that binding and loosing become truly effective.

I pray to God that all those who are reading this - all the affiliate churches of this ministry as well as those everywhere - may know His glory in its fullness in these end-times. All the keys and the way into His glory has been clearly revealed in this website.


The mark of a true apostle

By DN Hoets

Apostle Paul was glad that he had not baptized many in water because none could say that they were baptized in the name of Paul. It seems reasonable that although Apostle Paul taught the foundational doctrines, they were not his main task. His mandate from God was to establish the foundation Jesus Christ in the hearts of men and women in the churches that he founded.

This, too, I believe is the main emphasis of the true apostles whom God has raised up in these end-times. Establishing Jesus (knowing Jesus Christ deeply) is the mark of a true apostle. This is the whole message of the rock-solid classical Christian foundation.

Can it be done in any fashion? I don't believe so. True apostles will not come in Charismatic clothing. Instead they will come bringing REFORM to the Charismatic movement in these days. The doctrine of the coming move is different from what is mainstream today. It is all about establishing Jesus Christ according to classical Christianity together - bringing Charismatic and Classical Christianity together, uniting the church and bring a wholeness which has never been seen before. The final revival comes on the wings of reformation.


The Freudian slip

By DN Hoets

When you hear leaders and whole churches shout or scream out to God in praise, is that not a Freudian slip? Yes. If you have become established in Christ as shown in the Classical Christianity, then yes.

Why? As you become established in Christ, you become more and more constrained by the Spirit of God. If you do some things, you will feel the hurt within. It is so distinct and painful that you simply can't do some things. It is the Holy Spirit who restrains us. One thing that one so transformed into Jesus can't do is to shout and scream to Jesus as is done in some Charismatic circles (and as is taught from the Old Testament)!

There are other tell-tale signs - sure giveaways - that one is not truly established in Jesus. Can you name a few?

PS: If you live mainly in the Outer Court, you will surely not understand a word that I have written. Yes, that is correct. Some of what comes forth from the church today is backwards.


The secret of grace flowing from your lips

By DN Hoets

Many today have either lost or have never known the true anointing. Many say that they have it "in faith". Some have it in a measure. However, the mixture in their doctrine and lives grieve the Holy Spirit and they will never enter into the fullness of His glory. The Outer Court is their main dwelling place. Only occasionally do they enter the Holy Place. Seldom the Holy of holies. Almost all in the Charismatic movement today are here. When worship becomes mere singing... when worship becomes dry... There are very few who have this... one in a million. Those who have stumbled on this often don't understand it and can easily lose what they possess - heaven's treasure.

The key to entering fully into His glory lies in embracing truth very different from what you hear today. This truth is found in the rock-solid Classical Christian foundation and God truly needs to reveal this to you. Only when you are truly established in these things and have no mixture will you know fully the secret of grace flowing from your lips.


I testify that the world is evil

By DN Hoets

Not only is the world getting darker and darker, more violent, more perverse, the youth more arrogant and self-willed in these latter days, evil grips almost all as everyone seeks and pursues their own ways and their own pleasures. Godliness is forgotten. Almost none seek His plan, His purposes nor find all their pleasure in Him. The things of His kingdom are not all which consumes them. Most of what the average person considers "normal" and "acceptable" is evil in the sight of God as the self-life dominates. Religion will not save. Only a heart that surrenders itself to Him can come into an abiding fellowship with Him and do all things in and through Him. The evil one has even ensnared many amongst the people of God with false and distorted doctrine keeping them entrapped in the same deep darkness which covers the world.

I testify that the world is evil and hell awaits for most! The Way is narrow and few find it. Only those born-again and who are His very own will escape what is coming upon the world very shortly. The Way is Jesus Christ (knowing Him inwardly) as the Scriptures declare and He is the foundation. The rock-solid Classical Christian foundation simply expounds this truth and unravels the mysteries of God which are often hard to come by due to what is coming forth from the pulpits throughout the earth today. It is the Way to deep inward fellowship with the Son of God and His glory - the dew of Heaven - will remain on those who walk on this narrow path.

My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you. I would like to be present with you now and to change my tone, for I have doubts about you. [Gal 4:19-20]

Compare some of words of Jesus with the Laodicean church today.

For you are like graves which are not seen, and the men who walk over them are not aware of them. [Luke 11:44]

Many centuries ago, to touch or walk over the dead rendered one unclean. Jesus was stating that doctrine can be like this. Why? It appears to be the Word of God, but in truth, the substance, which is Christ, is missing.

Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge. You did not enter in yourselves, and those who were entering in you hindered. [Luke 11:52]

The key of knowledge is often hidden from theologians and those well versed in the Scriptures! We can become "lawyers" knowing the letter of the Word. However, the substance is not there. Very deceptive.


A gospel from heaven

By DN Hoets

God has entrusted me with a heavenly gospel of Jesus Christ, not an earthly gospel. What is the difference between a heavenly gospel and an earthly gospel?

Consider the precept, love your enemies. An earthly gospel says take this at face value and simply do it. The heavenly gospel says God is sovereign, so receive all people, even your enemies, as from the hand of God. Never receive anything as from the hand of man, but as from the hand of God.
This has always been the Middle Eastern mindset. A stranger was received as one sent by God. The spiritual man abides in Jesus and this is done according to the heavenly gospel, taking up His cross daily.

Consider, submission. Submit to one another. Many look at this from an earthly perspective - from a people perspective. However, the heavenly gospel says receive both superiors and inferiors as from God. Here we submit to all in God. We are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His prompting. However, the backdrop is living in His Providence and submitting to His hand in all things. We receive people as from the hand of God and not from the hand of man. How different marriages and even churches would be if this was lived out in truth.

Much of the way Old Testament saints did things and worshipped God was earthly and mostly in the flesh. Under the New Covenant, we worship God differently. Let us not follow the earthly way, but the heavenly way.

Consider much of what is taught today from marriage teaching to leadership principles. Most of what is taught today is earthly. We need to find again the heavenly gospel of Jesus Christ - the secret of truly walking in Him and in the light. When, we as a people of God, move from a heavenly gospel to an earthly gospel, we become lukewarm and lose the spark of heaven's touch.


What lies before us

By DN Hoets

In 1991, I wrote of the approaching storm in the Preface of Living Laodicea (1991):

I saw in the Spirit, a globe - a globe of the world. Surrounding the globe was a thin layer of cloud. Suddenly the clouds began to gather.

The clouds deepened. The winds blew. A chill was in the air. A thunderstorm was emerging. Soon, there was only one cloud over the globe - a large thundercloud. A storm is approaching the earth.

The Holy Spirit said, 'Look in the Spirit. What do you see?' I looked. I saw nothing; so I replied, 'Nothing.' The Spirit spoke again, gently, 'Look again.' I looked. I saw a large, china jar in the Spirit. It was empty inside. Then I saw another jar, but broken. Then the Spirit spoke: 'Much of the doctrine today is like that jar - beautiful to behold, but no substance; it is found wanting in My balances. Look at the other jar. Indeed this doctrine will be like the broken jar. All will see it and say, 'Behold the jar. Look. It has no substance.' 

The Spirit showed me a chariot in the Spirit. A horse-driven chariot. The dust rose as it moved over the plain. Then the Spirit spoke:  

'The chariot is rushing on,

the horses run furiously;

when all things must be


Today, twenty years later, we are in the midst of that storm. It began in 2006-2007 and it will increase in strength and intensity as the nations of this world descend into the second dip – the coming great depression or total economic confusion which eventually leads to a global government headed by the Antichrist.


Doing things in God

By DN Hoets

There is a difference between doing something FOR God and doing something IN God. Jesus spoke of this in John 3:21:

But he who does the truth comes to the
light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that
they have been done in God.

Jeanne Guyon wrote of this in Final Steps In Christian Maturity.

One of the first things a spiritual pilgrim must learn
is to be quiet before God and to remain before Him -
coming without any request or even any personal will in any

If the believer chooses to act on his own he is, of course, hindering
the progress of God.He is being active strictly for his own activity's
sake. He has chosen to do something FOR God rather than BY God.

As he begins to come before the Lord, it is better for the believer
to learn to die to all influences of motivation that originate in
the self. If one remains before the Lord without will, he becomes
like soft wax, a perfectly manageable instrument in the hands of God.

Let us not be drawn into the world's endless futile activity and busyness. Many preachers also fall into this snare of performance and endless busyiness doing things FOR God and not IN God and BY God.


Knowing Him as both Jehovah and Elohim

By DN Hoets

All born-again believers have a personal relationship with Jesus. However, knowing Him deeply and having
a stable, solid relationship comes only to the extent that we have become established in the classical Christian foundation. Here we begin to truly know Him as Jehovah.

All believers have also received Him as Elohim i.e as the Creator (In the beginning God) of the universe. However, many have not understood the fullness of knowing Him as Elohim. He is our Sovereign Lord and all the end-time events such as earthquakes are in His hand. Satan can only do that which he is permitted to. Satan is a dog on a leash!
Learning to receive all things from His (God's) hand is only possible if we have a deeper revelation of Him as Elohim. Receiving all things from His hand (taking up His cross) is essential if we are to truly abide in Him, grow up in the things of God and to overcome in the end-times.

We need to know Him both as Jehovah and Elohim; not just as Jehovah or only as Elohim as unbelievers do.


Haggai: the Book of Tomorrow

By DN Hoets

Haggai has been an important book to me over the years as it gives clarity to the last of the last days. I have spent much time before the Lord in this little book of two chapters.

Where are we today? In Haggai 2: 21-22. Here the Lord says ,

I will shake heaven (first - climate change - and second heaven) and earth (compare with Haggai 1: 6-9)
I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms (Arab uprisings)
I will destroy the strength (United States- this can be seen to be broader than only the US) of the Gentile kingdoms.
I will overthrow the chariots
And those who ride in them;
The horses and their riders shall come down,
Every one by the sword of his brother. (indicates a more violent civil war outcome of uprisings)

I will
... make you as a signet ring.

I see that the falling of the United States as a world empire is sandwiched between the second and forth I will. In other words, it takes place during the time of the Arab uprisings. The economic meltdown will affect ALL nations as all things in the book of Haggai are global in nature. Haggai 1:6 gives us the clue to the economic impact of what is to come and to hyper-inflation as the key problem. In other words, the dollar becomes worthless.

This is already taking place as we come to Passover this year with the US debt being center stage of world headlines as well as gold and silver reaching record highs; the dollar reaching record lows.

Some of you may be asking? Will God protect me if I invest in silver and gold? Although there is some truth in that oil, gold and silver are the best performers during hyperinflation - I believe even gold and silver will eventually be shaken. 'The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine' (Haggai 2:8) refers to the 'buy from Me gold' in Revelation 3. God has never sought a wealthy end-time church but one which has the true foundation as given in the rock-solid Classical Christian foundation and which is full of His glory... only made possible by what our Lord Jesus did for us on Calvary centuries ago, purchasing us by His own Blood... 


Heavenly Perspective

By DN Hoets

Just a short while ago, the nations of the earth have been shaken by the Great Recession. Many nations are still in a fragile state and are still in the process of recovering.

Once again, fear and uncertainty grips the world as another great earthquake and a likely nuclear meltdown in Japan unfolds. This fear and uncertainty comes forth clearly in the financial markets. Iran (together with Syria) seek nuclear weapons with the intent to destroy Israel, wars (Libya) and rumours of wars abound (Arab nations) affecting the oil price and inflation, as the earth trembles in the last of the last days.

Haggai spoke of the worldwide shaking that would begin before the coming glory at the end of the age. The Lord Himself spoke of five signs in Matthew 24 and two signs in Luke 21 which would increase in intensity and magnitude like birth pangs before His return.

While these signs are a humbling call for the lost to repent and to turn to Jesus Christ, believers are not to be troubled but to lift up their heads for our redemption draws near. We are to have a heavenly perspective and not to fear. This perspective has often been marred by the church and really needs to be grasped in these turbulent times. The rock-solid Classical Christian foundation brings forth this heavenly perspective that we need to be established in and will keep us rooted and unshaken in our Sovereign Lord Jesus who has the whole world in His hands.

Christchurch and its prophetic message to the Body of Christ
Tear Down the Walls

-Joh Matutis. (2008)
Special Bulletin by Rick Joyner: Japanese Earthquake, A Prophetic Demarcation in Time

In this Video Special Bulletin, Rick Joyner shares about the Japanese earthquake, which was prophesied 22 years ago, and how this event signifies the beginning of a worldwide economic meltdown. Rick also shares about another massive earthquake that has been prophesied to hit the west coast sometime after the Japanese shaking. The unraveling of the American economy is coming, and we must prepare. However, this does not mean we are without hope. This is a wake up call for us, and we can wake up to perhaps one of the greatest opportunities in history for good to triumph over evil. (Bob Jones 22 years ago)

Watch the video by Rick Joyner by following this link. (Script .. more)

global shaking

David Wilkerson in The Vision 1974: The US is going to experience, in the not-too-distant future, the most tragic earthquake in its history... Another earthquake, possibly in Japan, may precede the one that I am seeing coming here.... there is worldwide economic confusion just ahead... I see total economic confusion striking Europe first and then affecting Japan, the United States, Canada, and all other nations shortly thereafter.

A lot of what David Wilkerson saw years ago was not really fulfilled in the past Great Recession. However, it seems that it is a double-dip recession and the second dip is just ahead!

Land of the Setting Sun
Aftershock (emailed by Charisma)

Pat Robertson's Prophecies for 2011

The word was in 2012 the man who is going to be elected president, will preside over quote, "an impoverished nation" – it's hard to believe that could happen, but it can quickly.

"Your country is in grave peril. The leaders have hearkened to the demands of interest groups and have led your nation into bankruptcy. In two years will come a time of reckoning." "Your creditors will demand payment and there will not be enough to satisfy their claims. Your currency will shrink in value, your bonds will lose value, people on fixed incomes will suffer, unemployment will escalate, and there will be turmoil."



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