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    Knowing the God of the Bible


    The Scales are Removed

    Brass has come into the temple of God. Brass instead of pure gold. Mixed seed is an abomination to our God. Satan has sown mixed seed into the church and this sowing of mixed seed will culminate in a One-World Church in the near future.

    The young John Wesley, while on a ship in a storm, saw the true faith and real devotion in a group of Christians known as the Moravian Brethren. John Wesley realized that he needed to be saved after the scales were removed by the Holy Spirit. This true faith and devotion came more from the influence of Jeanne Guyon on the Moravians than from the founder of the Moravians. Here at Bible School, we introduce the true faith and devotion that John Wesley experienced in the midst of the storm.

    We, too, have entered a storm - the Great Shaking - and we will be in the midst of a great storm when Jesus returns for His bride shortly. We need to have this true faith and devotion which cannot be shaken. A rock-solid foundation in Jesus.

    John Wesley preached a lot from the Sermon of the Mount. I read somewhere that 70-80% of the content of his messages came from the Sermon on the Mount. This passage of Scripture was emphasised and regarded as very important in the past centuries. Why was it so important? Should it still be important today?


    Prophet Neville Johnson of Australia recently asked the Lord what He want him to share at the Lancaster Prophetic Conference 2016. The Lord said "Keep the main thing as the main thing." What is the main thing?

    Many are swept in from the end-time harvest. How do we disciple them? Three years of Bible School? There is not time for that. Not a course on theology. What do we teach them? How do we get this right? The Lord's emphasis on this was so forceful. Keeping the main thing the main thing.

    Being born-again. Baptized. Baptized in the Holy Spirit. Teach on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Good. However, this is NOT the main thing. Nowhere near the main thing. What is the main thing? The foundation. When building a structure the foundation is important. Most churches are NOT building the right foundation into the lives of their people.

    We have got some difficult years ahead of us. Glorious years too. Both are going to run together. But we need to get the right foundation into the people, into new converts, otherwise they will not survive and you will not survive what is coming. That is how important it is. Sermon on the Mount. Matthew 7:24. Who is the Rock? Winds of adversity are coming. If we are NOT built on the right foundation, we will not survive what is coming. We will fall by the wayside. We need more than an understanding. The truth will set you free. It has power to conform you to the truth. You shall know the truth and it will change you. When last have you heard a message on the Sermon on the Mount? Why? The church is NOT teaching it. They are teaching how you can get on in life. How you can prosper. If we teach the Sermon on the Mount, it applies the cross to our life and we have to die. And there is very little dying in the church today.

    Whosoever hears these sayings of Mine, when the wind comes, he won't be blown away. Difficult times are coming. God is about to purify His church like never before. And He is going to start with the pastors down through to the congregation. Many pastors are going to lose their churches. There is no more time left. If your leaders are not preaching the right thing and preparing your people for what is coming and establishing the cross and the work of the cross in their lives, you (pastors) will be removed.

    There is no more time. The truth contained in the Sermon on the Mount has the power to totally transform you. What was Jesus saying in the Sermon on the Mount? Right foundations are so important. Luke 6:49 He that hears and does not is like a man without a foundation. So we have to keep the main thing, the main thing.

    Your destiny - before anything else - before ministry - before anything. The reason you are here is to become conformed to the image of Jesus. If you don't get this right, you won't get any ministry that God has for you right. That is your destiny. Being conformed to the image of Jesus. It is all about character. The character of the Lord.

    How well are you doing on this course? Next course will the next 1000 years. How to maintain a planet under God. Afterwards beyond. God designed planet earth to be hard enough to make sons of God. He didn't make it easy for us. He knows how hard it was going to become. That is all part of the course. When satan has done everything he can do to hurt you and harm you, that is enough. He can go away. They have learnt it. He (satan) is just a tool. Where are you on this course? How well are you doing? Keeping the main thin thing, the main thing.

    God showed Prophet Neville Johnson the importance of the Sermon on the Mount. However, the full revelation into the foundation and truth of the Sermon on the Mount was not given to him. Rather it was given to me - an apostle from South Africa.


    The Sermon on the Mount was emphasized in historical Christianity. It is all about Jesus. It is all about having a right heart relationship with Him, living moment by moment in His Presence. We are not to be church-centered, not even kingdom-centered. Rather, our hearts need to be turned within to Jesus and be sensitive to His Presence at all times.

    What most people don't understand is that Jeanne Guyon's works, especially her book "Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ", is really the Sermon on the Mount! It is a revelation into what Jesus said. Many do not understand her works. Some have even thought that she has veered into New Age teaching. However, that is not true. All the most famous Christians of the past such as John Wesley, Hudson Taylor, Watchman Nee, etc. have endorsed her works and recommended them very highly. Why are they so important? It is because they are a revelation of the foundation that is revealed in the Sermon of the Mount. This foundation is essential and is the main thing that we need. Remember the Lord said "Keep the main thing as the main thing."

    The foundation is also the Rock-solid Classical Christian Foundation (based on the writings of Jeanne Guyon) which is on this website and is also the main part of the book, Living Laodicea, which is a free download for all the ministries that affiliate with Revival Central.

    The main purpose of Revival Central has been and still is to "Keep the main thing as the main thing" and to ensure that all the ministries have this foundation in front of them.

    God only gave me a general indication as to end-time events such as 2008 being the beginning of the shaking and end-time unravelling of events and the coming great shaking which is about to begin. The details I receive from others. However, God revealed the foundation in great detail to me - the main thing. Most of the end-time prophetic ministries around the world have a different emphasis. They have great detail concerning what is to come but lack a deep understanding into the foundation that is required. Most ministries don't have this foundation at all.


    I am going to introduce to you an important truth that is almost always overlooked in interpreting the Bible.

    The most important teaching of the New Testament is the Sermon on the Mount. Once we have grasped the depth of the truth in the Sermon on the Mount, we should weigh all other Scriptures in the light of this revelation. In other words, if we look at the armour of God in Ephesians 6, we do not look at it independently. Instead we look at Ephesians 6 in the light of the revelation of the Sermon on the Mount. It all fits together like pieces of a puzzle. If we look at the Tabernacle, we need to look at it in the light of the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount. If we consider the love of God, it must be interpreted in the light of the revelation of the Sermon on the Mount. There is consistency here.

    This is similar to Progressive Mention. However, the starting point or beginning is the Sermon on the Mount.

    Progressive Mention

    That goes back to the first time mentioned - and then it follows on - they are linked together - have regard to the progressive mentions in order to establish the meaning of a word, a verse of Scripture - you will be aided by a consideration of its progressive mentions - that is the successive progressive mentions of a theme or a subject of Scripture.

    Now the reason that this is brought in is that we have got to look at Biblical basics I suppose.

    What is the Word of God? The Word of God is essentially a PROGRESSIVE revelation. In the Bible, God progressively reveals Himself until we see Him as Father and as Son and as Holy Spirit.

    In the Bible, God PROGRESSIVELY reveals His CHARACTER. The culmination of that revelation of His character comes with Jesus Christ. There is a progressive revelation there.

    In the Bible, God PROGRESSIVELY unfolds His great PLAN OF SALVATION, starting from what we have seen in the Book of Genesis to its culmination in its atoning work of Jesus upon the cross of Calvary.

    This is the HISTORICAL way that saints interpreted the Scriptures. This is different from the Word-Faith Movement that has blended into the modern Charismatic Movement today. The Word-Faith Movement takes Romans 10 and Hebrews 11 as the starting point. It also shifts the emphasis from Jesus to Rhema and then to the Logos, the written word.

    They look at the Scriptures in a different light. If you look at the Scriptures in a different light, your interpretation will be different and you will go on a different path. Can you take any path? No. There is a right way and a wrong way. One is the truth. The other leads to deception and destruction.

    Some in the church simply take a little bit here and a little bit there. They patch together the most widely accepted teachings taught today and patch them together forming their doctrine. However, to the discerning, these don’t fit together at all as they did not do it in the light of the revelation of the Sermon on the Mount. Much error creeps in. Basic principles of the world. A mixture. Will this help the people of God? Is it not deception?

    This is why this Bible School is unique. It looks at all doctrine in the light of the Sermon on the Mount. There is a consistency throughout all the modules. They are not independent.


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    Both "old school" as well as "new school" content.

    "New School" contains doctrine concerning a deep devotional life in Jesus.

    A deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the Presence of God is central and essential to our lives. i.e. Classical Christian Foundation. This is the important and essential doctrine for the coming and final move of God.

    "Old School" includes a broad range of roughly 35 courses from Foundational Doctrines, Prayer School to Hermeneutics, Advanced Counselling, Leadership, Church History, Healing and Deliverance.

    This would normally be a complete 3-year Bible School, costing you thousands of dollars and would be given in bite-sized chunks over a 3-year period. However, as time is short, we will allow this to be completed as soon as you are ready to take the exam. We may not have 3 years left until the Lord's coming.