Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

[Spiritual DNA: Born in days of Sukkot (Tabernacles) where the WILDERNESS and the TABERNACLE - the truth of the wilderness - is emphasised; also a few days after Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement: the most important day in the TABANACLE) where the way into the HOLY OF HOLIES was made manifest.]

This, I believe, is "the cornerstone truth" of the Final Tidal Wave. All other teaching and truths must be built on this foundation, be consistent with and not contradict this foundation; and put in relation to this key and central truth. It is the "centerpiece" of the puzzle. All other truth needs to be fitted in and not forced to fit, once this main piece - masterpiece - is put in place.

For example, recently a well-known and respected minister of the gospel spoke of the importance of Classical Christianity. However, shortly after this, he brings out an article entitled, 'Put Some Punctuation into your Praise', and says "Shouting is an act of faith that can break the power of fear, doubt, heaviness and grief. When the devil has turned up the volume of his clamorous attacks, we must retaliate by lifting our voices in raucous praise." This contradicts the "cornerstone truth" which is also classical Christianity. Do you understand what I am saying? ("The Great Death" - 'shutting the door' is lacking here and is needed to fully accomplish this)

This truth is also consistent with the classical Christian foundation which has played a major part in the lives of famous hristians such as Jeanne Guyon, Watchman Nee, Fenelon, Count Zinzendorf, John Wesley, the early Quakers, Jessie Penn-Lewis, Hudson Taylor and is true in the life of Kathryn Kuhlman.

The tabernacle is "the truth of the wilderness", the pattern, given to us by God through Moses coming down from the smoking cloud-covered mountain, to approach God. Under the Old Covenant, only the High Priest could enter the Holy of Holies once a year at a time set by God - Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement - the holiest day of the year for religious Jews, the beginning of the new sacred year). Today, under the New Covenant, through the Blood of Jesus, we can remain continuously in the tabernacle and be sovereignly drawn into the Holy of Holies on a daily basis.

Note: The term 'tabernacle', as used in these notes, is actually the 'tabernacle proper'(the 'tent').

And let them make Me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them.[Exodus 25: 8]


This "truth of the wilderness" which is "the mystery of the tabernacle" is also the central truth revealed to those you have been called by God into the wilderness over the past few decades. As this was the main revelation and teaching tool given to the Israelites; so too, it is to us who have been called into the wilderness for many years. Let us be found like Joshua and Caleb who came out of the wilderness into the Promised Land.

[A] In the New Testament, all Christians should be living in the tabernacle ('tent') and should not be found in the OUTER COURT at all.

[JOHN 14 A new dispensation with a difference: the HOLY SPIRIT; we come to Jesus, the (Narrow) Way, only through the Presence of God]


OUTSIDE = Outer Court. Enclosed by a high fence. Could look up and see the natural light of the sun.

INSIDE = in the tent or tabernacle; consisted of the HOLY PLACE and HOLY OF HOLIES. Covered with 4 layers of rug-like coverings. It was lit up by the light of the Menorah or Golden Lampstand or Candlestick [PIECE 3] which symbolised the Presence of God.
So OUTSIDE is OUTSIDE the Presence of God; INSIDE is IN the Presence of God. The Presence of God was most intense in the Holy of Holies.

Old Testament saints lived in the OUTER COURT. [HEB 9:8 The WAY into THE HOLY OF HOLIES was NOT YET MADE MANIFEST]

[B] BEGIN IN THE SPIRIT: Begin in the HOLY PLACE; and not in the OUTER COURT*

When we begin in the flesh, we don’t fully enter into the Presence of God.

Satan was the worship leader of heaven.
He knows this!
Foundational truth: Begin in the HOLY PLACE; and not in the OUTER COURT.

* ("The Great Death" - 'shutting the door' is needed to fully accomplish this)

Jesus said, " It is finished". The Jerusalem temple, a replica of the wilderness tabernacle, had a veil or curtain that was about 60 feet in height, 30 feet in width and four inches thick.) Furthermore, it was torn from top down, meaning this act must have come from above. The WAY into THE HOLY OF HOLIES was MADE MANIFEST]

Strangely, and sadly, approximately 95% of Christians today live in the OUTER COURT.

Satan's main priority is to keep Christians from (out of) the Presence of God. He does this by keeping them satisfied and content to live in the OUTER COURT. Can a true believer be satisfied to live in the OUTER COURT?

When God commanded Moses to build the tabernacle, He started with the Ark of the covenant. So God works from the inside out. We begin from the outside in.

God desires that you and I live in the realm of the HOLY PLACE and the HOLY OF HOLIES. God said, I will dwell among them. I will come and make My habitation among them. I will tabernacle among them. This God desires our fellowship. He does not desire the fellowship of angels. He loves us. Our relationship is what we have to pursue with Him. Relationship is much more important than our needs. I we live where our needs are, we will be defeated. If we go beyond our needs, and begin to experience fellowship with God Almighty, our needs will vanish into nothing. Suddenly our hearts are knit with His, and communion begins. The communion of the heart begins. There is more to fellowship with God than we know. We have experienced so little of it. We really have not experienced the depth of communion with God Almighty. *

Furniture in the OUTER COURT was made of BRASS; whereas furniture in the TABERNACLE ('tent') was constructed of PURE GOLD. Brass and gold look similar. Only close inspection and the correct light will reveal the difference.


"In the Charismatic move, Christians have brought the brass of the world into the temple of the Lord as a substitute for pure gold. What they have is a mixture; it is not pure. Therefore, I can only bless My people so far, because they have substituted brass for gold. They’ve brought the CLAPPING and DANCING of the world into the temple."

You see, when you come into the New Testament, you find that all praise and worship is to be done In The Spirit. The Old Testament saints worshipped God purely in the flesh.

Bringing brass into the temple grieves Him.

Though the principles and examples in the Old Testament may be the same as in the New Testament, the practices are not the same.

The next great spiritual outpouring that God is wanting to bring upon the earth will require that man lay aside his own plans, purposes, and pursuits and pursue the true worship of God. The Body of Christ is in shallow waters of a new beginning of God's glory manifested on the earth, but that new wave of God's blessing can only occur as the Body of Christ gets the brass out of the temple!

Quotation from a visitation of Jesus to Kenneth Hagin in the book " Plans, Purposes and Pursuits."
* referring to brass substituted for gold in the Temple by King Rehoboam

Consider the contrasts between OUTSIDE and INSIDE the Tabernacle:

Shallow vs deep;
Outward vs inward;
Digging wells that have no water in them
vs Living water;
Living Laodicea vs Buy from Me gold tried in the fire that you may be rich;
Soulish (mind, will and emotions) vs spiritual;
the flesh vs in the Spirit.

We are looking at ALL areas of Christian experience: Some of the main areas that I will consider in detail are PRAYER, PRAISE and WORSHIP (the highest form of prayer) and the WORD OF GOD. These are symbolised by two of the three items of furniture found in the HOLY PLACE.


PRAYER: The place of ASKING. THINGS predominate, even SPIRITUAL things, gifts and ministries. NEEDS. REQUESTS. Many words. Confession, forgiveness and renewed consecration characterise this place. REPETITION is found here. Every day the same pattern is repeated. You get tired and weary easily in this place. AMEN is said and prayer ends. Not the place of fellowship.

PRAISE AND WORSHIP: THE FLESH prevails: "Most of Charismatic praise"; Clapping; Dancing in the flesh; "Jesus shouts"; falsely called liberty; high praise; rap; Christian rock. True praise only occurs in the HOLY PLACE; when we praise through the Presence of God. There is a reverence and an awareness of the Person and Presence of Jesus in the HOLY PLACE.
Charismatics know little (why? praising in the flesh is not praise at all) about praising Me, but they know nothing at all about true worship.[Hagin]

GENERAL: STRUGGLING with sin (only truly purged from sin through the Presence of God), STRIVING, FRUSTRATION, WARRING WITH THE DEVIL - unbalanced spiritual warfare, HARASSED BY SATAN, DEMONIC OPPRESSION and even POSSESSION (demons can access the OUTER COURT), LIVING SACRIFICE CONSECRATION): much fasting and prayer. Ministry-focused. Church-focused. Promise - focused, even with genuine rhema promises given by God. Vision-focused, even with genuine vision from God. IDOLS.
There is no separation from the WORLD here. The inner nature of those here is similar to that of those of the WORLD. The OUTER COURT is Living Laodicea.

Promises of God. Seeking spiritual things. Seeking gifts and not the Giver. Seeking healing and not the Healer (faith healing versus Divine Healing). Evangelism in our strength - reach the lost at any cost; ' Doer of the Word'; ' Love your neighbour'; Causes: Abortion & Gay Protests, etc. Name it, Claim it. Renewing the mind. Positive thinking. Positive confession. Speaking the Word. Standing on the Word. Who we are IN CHRIST (in faith). Faith-centred Word-centred. Christian Counseling. Revelation knowledge, Family-centred; People-centred; Social gospel; Sowing seed in the flesh. Principles. Principles of faith. Principles of prosperity. Repentance-centred (repentance is important but we must not stay there);"Put a smile on someone's face." Much prayer and fasting.

As we mature and grow deeper in Christ [realm of the HOLY PLACE and HOLY OF HOLIES], we have a deeper revelation of His Sovereignty and there is much less of us (our effort) and more of His working. As a co-labourer with God your part becomes smaller and smaller; His working becomes more and more. All of God. None of self. As He wills becomes emphasised in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

[A] What about the BRAZEN ALTAR[PIECE 1] and the LAVER[PIECE 2]? If we should not be found in the OUTER COURT AT ALL, what about CONFESSION OF SIN and CLEANSING FROM SIN?
A NEW LOOK AT CONFESSION OF SIN: We will look at this later. At this point, let us say that confession of sin shifts from the OUTER COURT to the HOLY PLACE for a New Testament believer.

[ BRAZEN ALTAR or ALTAR OF SACRIFICE: The altar stood raised on a mound of earth, higher than its surrounding furniture. This is a projection of Christ, our sacrifice, lifted up on the cross, His altar, which stood on a hill called Golgotha.
LAVER: It stood halfway between the BRAZEN ALTAR and the HOLY PLACE. The priests were to wash their hands and their feet in it before entering the Holy Place.]

Today, most Christians have substituted the furniture in the HOLY PLACE (made of PURE GOLD) with BRASS pieces; and have moved the pieces from the HOLY PLACE to the OUTER COURT. God's intention is the opposite. In the New Testament, the BRASS pieces of the OUTER COURT should be moved to the HOLY PLACE and be substituted with PURE GOLD pieces.

[B] A NOTE TO CHRISTIAN WORKERS: First, point baby Christians to the FOUNDATIONAL DOCTRINES in HEBREWS 6. Then point baby Christians to the 5 keys of the HOLY PLACE; not to the externals of the OUTER COURT. Let us not lead the babes in Christ along the garden path; but into a real experience of Jesus Christ through the Presence of God which is the only true and narrow Way.
We have been taught incorrectly that IN THE SPIRIT is praying in tongues. Tongues is praying WITH our spirit. We need to fully understand and experience the 5 keys of the HOLY PLACE to live IN THE SPIRIT. These truths KEEP us filled with the Spirit. Be (being) filled with the Spirit[Ephesians 5:18]. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues is only the initial infilling of the Spirit. We need to REMAIN filled with the Holy Spirit and move deeper in our experience of Jesus Christ through the Presence of God.

[C] A NOTE TO ALL. Be careful with the books, media, ministries, - even Bible School teaching - and Christian television you assimilate. Most material out there today takes you into the OUTER COURT and those who follow you too!

The Tabernacle ('tent'):The emphasis is on seeking Jesus Himself. To know Him more. Seeking His fellowship through the Presence of God. Not His blessings. Not petitions. The flesh cannot enter here.
A few centuries ago, the emphasis was very different: The Person and Presence of Jesus was foremost. The Body of Christ needs to get back to this emphasis.

No longer is it our strength; but His strength. Poor in spirit. Our character and inner nature takes on the character of the Beatitudes. Our hearts are melted by the Presence of God. Hearts of flesh. No longer hearts of stone. Must deny own activity of soul (self) to make room for the life of God.

The 'tent' had on top, four layers of curtains acted as a roof to shield the tabernacle from sun and rain. There was no protection against the elements in the OUTER COURT.


WAITING on the Lord (ISAIAH 40) is foundational in this realm. "eagle stands on rock; turns its face to the wind"

[All birds fly. The eagle mounts. It first stands on the rock. Only bird that understands the winds - air currents. Waits for the right wind. When the right wind comes, she spreads her wings. She doesn't fly up. She rides the wings of the wind. All other birds fly up. Struggle. No rest. King of the birds. Locks his wings and rides the winds of God.]

Song of Solomon 1: 1-4 LITTLE by LITTLE you are drawn by the sweetness of His Presence into the Holy of Holies. Fragrance of Christ.

"Fill my cup, Lord"; "Breathe upon me Breath of God"; "Spirit of the Living God"; Holy Spirit, Thou art welcome in this place"; "Hallelujah".

We experience the PRESENCE OF GOD here, LITTLE by LITTLE, as He draws us deeper unto Jesus and eventually into the depths of the Holy of Holies.

So when the waves of God's Presence come [beginning in the HOLY PLACE], they become more intense. They become more powerful as your intimacy continues with God.

REVERENCE: the key to His Presence. Reverence becomes increasingly important as we move inward toward the Holy of Holies. There are examples in Scripture of those who died because of irreverence. How much more should we show reverence under a better covenant where we ALL can enter His innermost chambers? Irreverence grieves the Holy Spirit causing His cloud of glory (intense Presence of God) in the HOLY OF HOLIES to lift.

Let us consider 5 ESSENTIAL KEYS (4 PIECES of FURNITURE - includes 2 PIECES from OUTER COURT) of the HOLY PLACE:

[A] BABY STEPS to begin to know Jesus through THE MANIFEST PRESENCE OF GOD - the realm of the HOLY PLACE.

This deals with our quiet times where we come before Him. It is the beginning of WAITING IN HIS PRESENCE and is a help to keep us from the error of 'emptying our mind' or 'visualisation' as practiced in EASTERN MEDITATION. This is Satan's counterfeit or imitation and is the open and legitimate doorway for demons to enter and even possess you! (strange incense - Leviticus 10: 1-3)


Under the Old Covenant, burning incense is essential to enter the Holy of Holies. The High Priest entered the Holy of Holies through a thick cloud of burning incense - brought burning incense with him - to shield his eyes from a direct view of God’s glory. Incense was burnt on the ALTAR OF INCENSE in the morning [KEY 1] and the evening [KEY 1]; but also was kept burning continually [KEY 3] throughout the day and night as a pleasing aroma to the Lord.

It is through the ALTAR OF INCENSE that we are drawn into the Holy of Holies. It was positioned in front of the veil to the Holy of Holies.

"Waiting in His Presence"

Spend time waiting upon Him in faith and occasionally praying to Him aloud - with reverence. Come to Him with a deep sense of love, very gently and come to Him humbly with a deep sense of worship. When His Presence is manifest, be still. Do not think of anything. Do not try to say anything. Do not try and do anything. When the sweetness of His Presence wanes, speak again. In other words, move only when the cloud moves. Do not seek to move as long as He is near. Be still in the Presence of God. Learn to be quiet before Him. If your mind wanders, just turn back to Him. Do not try to imagine what He looks like. You can also occasionally use the Lord's prayer. Pause - selah, and be slow, letting Him minister to you.

WILDERNESS PRINCIPLE: The Shekinah glory cloud was seen by more than 2.5 million Israelites above the Holy of Holies of the TABERNACLE by day and as a pillar of fire by night.
When the cloud moves, we move. When the cloud stops, we stop.

If you have a difficult time, dry spells or find that your mind is wandering a lot, be serene. Accept it. Sometimes His sweet Presence will be manifested more than at other times. He is sovereign with regard to showering His blessing. Learn to come into His presence to please Him. Receive all things with calmness and serenity.

Dry Seasons (why? To cause you to pursue Him)

You will have dry periods. This, however, is not the issue. The issue is this. How will you respond to the Lord in these periods? Most Christians will exercise their strength and the flesh will manifest itself. Self effort. Instead, we need to learn to be patient - worship Him with patient love and contentment. Remember the Lord is searching throughout the earth for that Christian who will remain faithful and loving even when He has withdrawn Himself. This is the beginning of understanding

KEY 5: THE CROSS. You will eventually broaden this perspective until it encompasses every second of your life. This outlook and new perspective to life - towards your circumstances and such a look of faith towards your Lord, will make you content with everything. You will begin to receive everything that comes into your life as being from the hand of God, not from the hand of man.

Do not be surprised if you no longer are able or comfortable with offering up prayer requests. You will eventually come to this place in God where this becomes distasteful (as well as other activities of the OUTER COURT). In the past, you offered by petitions and requests with ease. Now it has become difficult.
Now it is His prayer. His plans. His purposes. The Holy Spirit helps us to pray. He always prays according to the will of God. There is always heavenly agreement as the Father always says, “Yes” to that which the Holy Spirit asks. Romans 8:26. To be in this place, you must give up your attachment to everything. Give up your desires. Give up your wants.

PRAISE AND WORSHIP (Praise is the highest form of Prayer)

Pursue the same path as in prayer. Here we are not just singing songs but entering into His Presence.


a. The first way was simply reading a portion of the Scriptures out aloud. I was not concerned whether I understood all the content. I just savoured the Presence of God which was manifest very powerfully at times. Again when His Presence is close, stop reading and be still before Him. This is devotional reading of the Scriptures. Again, move only when the cloud moves. Be still in the Presence of Jesus. Always come before Him in quietness and reverence. The reading of Scripture has quietened your mind - your soul. When your mind wanders, turn inwardly back to Him. When your outer senses and soul is calm, you will become more sensitive to His Presence. Your spirit or heart is the place where He manifests Himself.

Many make the mistake of seeking the Lord outwardly and not inwardly. This brings much grief to the Christian. One will never grow up in the things of God. He will also struggle to have clarity with truth.

b. The second way is where only a few verses are read. This is not a quick reading or the studying of the Scriptures. There is no deep inward profit from such reading. It is not how much that you have read but what He reveals.

If you read quickly, it will benefit you little. You will be like a bee that merely skims the surface of a flower. Instead we need to penetrate the depths of the flower and remove its deepest nectar.

You will also find that you no longer move from subject to subject in the Scriptures. You remain in the place where His Presence has been manifest and only move when He moves. Your daily devotions will follow on from the previous day where He manifested Himself.

Revelation comes as REALITY rather than KNOWLEDGE. This comes as you grow in the truth of the 5 keys, especially the 5th key: The Cross. Some think on the different experiences of our Lord; here it becomes an imprint of Himself on your soul. Something inward. Reality rather than knowledge.

Eventually, your own efforts of prayer will become less and less. Eventually His Presence with become your normal experience. You will come to love this silence and peaceful rest which comes from His Presence.

From these simple beginnings, we need to move forward into the DEEPER things of God.


[B] IMPORTANT: Remaining CONTINUALLY in the HOLY PLACE. This takes us beyond our quiet time (where we VISIT Him) to MAKING GOD OUR HABITATION as in Psalm 91 and John 14-15. It is the more refined activity of WAITING IN HIS PRESENCE CONTINUALLY.
[this is the meaning of : pray without ceasing - 1 Thessalonians 5:17 ]


Turn your heart gently to Jesus. Distractions turn your heart away from Him. When distracted, deliberately turn you attention back to Him. Eventually, stay before Him continuously and habitually without interruption. This is ABIDING in Him. As you remain before Him, there is no further need to keep turning to Him. Rather you REST in this continuous inward act of abiding. (x passive; soul is ACTIVE, yet no effort)

eg. sailors taking a ship out to sea
initially difficult (oars needed, ropes loosened)
eventually moves easily: the pilot simply spreads sails(=before Jesus) and holds the rudder steady(=keep heart from wandering).
Beginning - outward, surface. Later on - inward, deep (hardly even aware of this activity)

If you sin or become distracted by some circumstance, deliberately turn your attention back to Him. Don’t struggle or fight the thing, but simply turn away from it and turn towards the Lord inwardly.

In the Old Testament, those who believed in God did not have God's Presence ABIDING within them. That is why they had to present themselves in Jerusalem where God's Presence was. A change in the order of worship [JOHN 4].

You can see how this could happen even in a natural relationship such as a relationship between a man and woman. What if the man and woman were sitting together talking for some time, exchanging words of endearment, and suddenly one of them began to clap? Wouldn't that seem inappropriate? Friends, when we are praising and worshipping the Lord, He is present!

Instead of putting clapping before the lifting of our hands or the praising of God with our lips, it should come last, if at all. [Hagin]

Clapping, 'Jesus shouts' inappropriate when one is in this place of ABIDING IN HIM. If one lives in the OUTER COURT, one is not before Him like this and finds nothing inappropriate with practices like this. The problem is with us; we should not be found in the OUTER COURT at all.

SAD TRUTH: Many Christians today are not abiding in Him. Or they assume, because they are Christians, or IN CHRIST positional, they are; but have lost the meaning and reality of this. This can be the result of what has been taught to them. That is why they are comfortable in the OUTER COURT.

DELIVERANCE: Christians who struggle to leave the OUTER COURT realm and to fully enter the HOLY PLACE and HOLY OF HOLIES may need deliverance. There may be bholds, which are the hiding places for demons, hindering the experience of resting in this inward act of continual abiding.
HOLY PLACE and HOLY OF HOLIES: No sin permitted here; hence no hiding place or doors for demons to oppress.
IDOLS: Other times, there could be IDOLS in your heart. Repentance is needed. Mainly in OUTER COURT.

[IMPORTANT: What about the BRAZEN ALTAR and the LAVER if we are no longer living in the OUTER COURT?] Confession of sin shifts from the OUTER COURT to the HOLY PLACE for a New Testament believer.

After some time and coming into the genuine experience of abiding in His Presence, you will discover that no fault or sin escapes the reproof of God. The Lord will become more and more the constant examiner of your soul. It will not be you examining yourself, nor will it be seasonal. It will be the Lord continually.
As soon as you commit a sin, you are immediately rebuked by an inward sense. A deep inward burning or confusion.

SELF-EXAMINATION: You only allow His light to shine upon you and expose any fault. There is no "self-examination " here.
REPENTANCE: Repentance is followed by a restoration. The sweetness of His Presence manifests. You will be amazed how difficult it is to remember your sins. Forgetting your sins is proof of your having been cleansed from them. This is the truth of "God will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea"[Micah 7:9].
His Presence brings us into the realm of eternity. The sacrament of the present moment. Forgetting the past. Leaving the future in His hands.

THE BRAZEN ALTAR is moved to the HOLY PLACE becoming "THE GOLDEN ALTAR" for the New Testament believer.

Staying before Him in our day to day lives. Our occupation is not a distraction. We learn to receive all things from His hand, staying before Him. The understanding that He is Sovereign is foundational. Dry times - we stay before Him in the HOLY PLACE and not in the OUTER COURT. Circumstances cannot separate us from Him. Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

"Take no thought for tomorrow..." [Matthew 6:32,34]

This taking up His cross is casting off all your cares. This includes spiritual needs. They are left at the cross. In other words, we are NOT found in the OUTER COURT AT ALL! This covers two worlds: both outward practical things and all inward spiritual needs. You forget yourself and think only of Him.

It is forgetting your past. It is the leaving of the future in His hands. It is a devotion of the present and a committing of the present moment fully to the Lord. The sacrament of the present moment. Eternity. ("who IS, who was and who is to come" Revelation 1:8) You are also satisfied with the present moment, no matter what it contains. You are satisfied because you know that the Lord is sovereign and allows this present moment and that it is part of His plan for your life.


PURITY comes if you receive suffering and a heavy cross in the same way as receiving blessings. We love Him the same whether on the Mt of Transfiguration or on Mt Calvary. You will not find any comfort from man when you have been put on the cross. The only comfort will be in the knowledge that the cross is from the Lord and that He is Sovereign. You must learn to love the cross. It is impossible for you to truly love the Lord without loving the cross. The believer who loves the cross finds that even the bitterest things that come his way are sweet. Proverbs 27:7. You will hunger after God, and find Him, in the same proportion that you hunger after the cross. God gives us the cross, and the cross gives us God.

Receive the cross as from His hand. It is much lighter this way. However, you will still feel the weight of the cross and its pain.

Andrew, the apostle, said, “I would not have preached the honour and glory of the cross if I feared the death of the cross.” Andrew, going towards the place of execution and seeing the cross waiting for him, said, “O cross, most welcome and longed for! With a willing mind, joyfully and desirously, I come to you, being a scholar of Him who did hang on you, because I have always been your lover and yearned to embrace you.”

[When storms approach, with wind and thunder and lightning, lesser fowl head for cover, but the mighty eagle spreads his wings and with a great cry mounts upon the very winds which drove the lesser to cover. Storms are a joy to him, for on their mighty updrafts he soars to heights of glory. And he does it effortlessly, letting the wind carry him where lesser birds must beat with frantic wings to stay aloft.]


"eagle in heights above"(" Turn your eyes upon Jesus... things of the earth will grow strangely dim")

KEY = an UNUSUAL SERENITY and PEACEFULNESS will gradually spread over your soul
an awareness of the tangible Presence of Jesus and His embrace fills your being and your place
Song of Solomon 2: 6-7

Under the Old Covenant, burning incense is essential to enter the Holy of Holies. The High Priest entered the Holy of Holies through a thick cloud of burning incense - brought burning incense with him - to shield his eyes from a direct view of God’s glory. The smoke thickens and the aroma of the incense pleases God. It is through the ALTAR OF INCENSE that we are drawn into the Holy of Holies. It was positioned in front of the veil to the Holy of Holies.

Touching the realm of eternity. Time stands still. The "SACRAMENT OF THE PRESENT MOMENT". (" who IS, who was and who is to come" Revelation 1:8)
Works done in this realm have far reaching results, even unto eternity. Wood, hay and straw are found in the OUTER COURT; which are to be burned. Silver and precious stones in the HOLY PLACE; gold in the HOLY OF HOLIES.

Tongues (praying WITH the spirit) is not found in this realm. Baptized in Love. Intense. Cloud of Glory.
FEW words. Words become inadequate. Silence. Words have power in this realm.
Wholeness. “Jesus Your Presence makes me whole”
the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing [Isaiah 10:27]
Prayer becomes His Presence. His Presence becomes prayer.

Psalm 42:7 Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts; all Thy waves and Thy billows are gone over me. Billows are the intensity of waves. So when the waves of God's Presence come [beginning in the HOLY PLACE], they become more intense. They become more powerful as your intimacy continues with God.

Fullness of Intimacy Psalm 91. The secret place. Totally protected. Not many believers experience this on a daily basis.

"We are standing on Holy Ground"; "Surely the Presence"

God sovereignly brings one into this place; our task is to stay before Him, waiting upon Him, by abiding in Him(spread sails = before God, hold rudder = keep heart from wandering) and taking up His cross (remaining before Him continually). By staying before Him continually, we will more often be found in the HOLY OF HOLIES. This will be the realm in which we live as Kathryn Kuhlman lived.

A few Christians only come into this place daily in quiet time. However, they live in the OUTER COURT mostly and only touch on this. One in a million wait continually before Him and live in the TABERNACLE where they are often in the HOLY OF HOLIES and live in this realm.

[Often just as I wake up in the morning, I find myself in the HOLY OF HOLIES. God seems to sovereignly bring me into this place, and this occurs at times which are not my regular quiet times. An unusual serenity and awareness of His Presence and His embrace spreads over my whole being.]

The CROSS keeps us in the TABERNACLE and out of the OUTER COURT. The more the CROSS is present in my life, the shorter the duration of the time spent in the HOLY PLACE.

Living in the HOLY OF HOLIES (often being sovereignly drawn into this place) is MAKING GOD OUR HABITATION (John 14 and Psalm 91) and not just VISITING His courts.

All activity - both that which is surface and visible, as well as that which is hidden and internal - must come from the working of the Spirit. The working of the Spirit deep within you must be the SOURCE of all your activity. ALL OF GOD. NONE OF SELF. OVERSHADOWED BY THE ALMIGHTY. This is fully true in this realm.

soul ACTIVE (x dullness; x deadness; x inactivity (soul does not cease all action);
x lazy)
exchange - His life for your life
activity is FREE, EASY & NATURAL (LIBERTY). No effort at all.
eg. WHEEL spins FAST (active, yet NO EFFORT)

(vs FLESH(soul active on own apart from the Holy Spirit)
always appears busy; accomplishes little
(vs PASSIVITY- EASTERN MEDITATION zombie = the living dead)
dullness; deadness; inactivity, emptying of the mind - visualization of Jesus, strain, effort, oppression
symptoms: lose sharpness, lose ability to think clearly, often associated with neglect of body. Opposite to Presence of God: alive, sharp.


[a. You can be UNAWARE of this activity as there is none of self (the flesh) involved and it is very different from how it has been taught. Most of that which had been taught applies to the OUTER COURT and sometimes to the HOLY PLACE. If you think about the activity taking place you will realise that gifts of the Spirit are operating. However, very sublimely. You may not be aware that gifts of the Spirit are operating. However, you are aware of His love, His thick intense Presence, His closeness, His embrace. God takes over completely in this realm. b. He is completely SOVEREIGN in this realm. It is only as He wills.]

In this realm, Jesus, the Intercessor enters in. Groanings without utterance. The Holy Spirit takes over. He begins to groan out of our being. But the groanings are not audible. Suddenly intercession takes over our hearts. True intercession is quite silent. Without uttering a word, everything within you is burning like a volcano. (What people call intercession is not really intercession. Pure intercession is all of God. He is the Intercessor. You are the vehicle that He uses. God uses your being to cry out. Heavenly agreement comes in. God needs this to act. You become His partner.) His prayer. He asks. The Father answers. Yes and Amen. God says Yes to Himself. The Holy Spirit is waiting to use your vessel to ASK.

I have just been used to change history. I have been used to change the destiny of nations. *

Three unusual times in my personal experience: 1. Salvation of mother (she was born again shortly afterwards) 2. Benny Hinn to see the light and come out of the Word-Faith movement (he came out shortly afterwards and put an article in the Charisma Magazine) 3. Pastor Ed Roebert to see the light and come into this new realm (he came out shortly afterwards, his last five years of ministry before he went to be with the Lord were different).

In this realm, nothing is done on our part. It is all of Him. Deep revelation and burden felt. No or little conscious praying, etc. You may not be aware that you are interceding as this is far removed from what many call intercession! The Holy Spirit intercedes; all of Him!
'The desires of your heart' (Psalm 37:4) . His will yours. The Holy Spirit begins to make intercession in you and for you. He intercedes and He requests the thing which is the desire of His heart - the heart of God. Now the desire of His heart becomes the desire of your heart. The request comes from the Holy Spirit. The desire comes from the Father. The believers will becomes one with that desire. There are times when the Lord will burden the believer to pray for certain things. The believer is completely aware that this prayer comes from God and not himself. An important principle: The believer is not free to pray for WHOM he pleases, for WHAT he pleases, or even WHEN he pleases!

[2] PSALM 91 PROTECTION[ARK OF THE COVENANT - pillar of fire, Shekinah cloud above]

The atonement cover was God’s dwelling place in the tabernacle. Above the ark and the atonement cover, God appeared in His glory in “unapproachable light” (1 Timothy 6:16). This light is sometimes referred to as the Shekinah glory. The word Shekinah, although it does not appear in our English bibles, has the same roots as the word for tabernacle in Hebrew and refers to the presence of the Lord.

There is no protection from the wind, rain and sun in the OUTER COURT. There is protection from the elements as you move into the 'tent'. There is special Psalm 91 protection as you enter the HOLY OF HOLIES. This protection is angelic protection. As you move into the 'tent', covered by four layers of rug-like coverings, you look upwards to the roof or covering and see embroidered images of angels. In the HOLY OF HOLIES there are also two angels above the mercy seat on the ark of the covenant.

MIRACLES and JUDGEMENT accompanied the ARK. ANGELIC VISITATION and PROTECTION occurs in this realm. Unusual - strange - things begin to happen!

[3] RECEIVING [GOLDEN POT OF MANNA - Wholeness, Fully satisfied, MIRACULOUS PROVISION in wilderness]

INWARDLY: " Bread of heaven feed me till I want no more"

OUTWARDLY: No matter what you may need, you can reach out and take it i.e. healing

"You haven't seen anything like what we will see when the body of Christ gets to that place of worship. We were in that kind of atmosphere worshipping God in one of our crusades, and there were five people sitting in wheelchairs. Three of them just got up and walked off. No one laid a hand on them... you can just reach out and take what belongs to you in Christ. The Bible teaches laying on of hands, but you really don't have to have hands laid on you when the Presence of God is so bly in manifestation. No matter what you need, you can reach out and take it and say, 'It's mine!' "[Hagin]

Anything you want, ask now. She said, whatever you ask in this moment, He will grant it. [Kuhlman]

Sometimes He responds to NEEDS and CARES that you cast upon Him by staying out of the OUTER COURT. He knows your needs before you ask Him.[cf Name it, Claim it in the OUTER COURT]

The secret place. Satan can't access this realm; secrets: God speaks to us here, often very sublimely. Imparts truth into our being. It can be so sublime that we can even incorrectly assume that this truth is of us.

Word of knowledge, word of wisdom [gifts of the Spirit operate in this realm with NO effort from you at all or conscious operation]

The operation of the gifts of the Spirit in the HOLY OF HOLIES is different to the operation of the gifts in the HOLY PLACE. In this realm, you can be completely unaware that the gifts are in operation! You are overshadowed by God in this realm.

Sometimes He shows you answers to NEEDS that you left at the cross by staying out of the OUTER COURT. He knows your needs before you ask Him.

And I will meet you there, and will speak with you, above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubs which are on the ark of testimony, all which I shall command you concerning the sons of Israel, And I will meet you there, and will speak with you, above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubs which are on the ark of testimony, all which I shall command you concerning the sons of Israel, Ex 25:22


The people, out of jealousy, rebelled against Aaron as their high priest. To resolve the dispute, God commanded the people to take 12 sticks written with the names of the leader of each tribe and place them before the ark overnight. The next day, Aaron’s rod from the house of Levi had budded with blossoms and almonds. God confirmed his choice of Aaron’s household as the priestly line.

Jesus didn’t reject God’s authority. Instead, He submitted Himself to the Father’s will and died on the cross. [KEY 5: spiritual authority comes as you take up His cross]
Your words are His words in this realm. Holy Spirit's words and the Father's words are one. Heavenly agreement. Your words will not fall to the ground.

"Mountain-moving"; "Curses"; "Command" - Gift of Faith operates here, even through you may be completely unaware that is operating. Words have power in this realm. Dunamis power. [cf faith in the OUTER COURT]


CHARISMATIC and WORD-FAITH: mostly in OUTER COURT. Sometimes touch the HOLY PLACE; but never the worship of the HOLY OF HOLIES.
Charismatics know little(why? praising in the flesh is not praise at all) about praising Me, but they know nothing at all about true worship.[Hagin]
Often hesitated to WAIT ON THE LORD; concerned about the danger of EASTERN MEDITATION, Satan's counterfeit. Never entered in. Stayed in the OUTER COURT.

Should we seek to be a partner with a movement such as the Word-Faith Prosperity Movement in order to receive the blessings of God; or should we rather leave the movement in search for a genuine fellowship and relationship with Jesus our Lord?


TORONTO & PROPHETIC: Entered into HOLY PLACE. Understood WAITING ON GOD to an extent. Mixture present - still spend time in OUTER COURT. Do not know THE CROSS. Foundation shaky.
Third wave numbers exceed Charismatics now.
COMING TIDAL WAVE: HOLY OF HOLIES central. Sound foundation. This realm is central in the FINAL TIDAL WAVE; and the FINAL HARVEST follows; and then our Lord will come for His own.

Following and holding fast teaching from a movement such as the FAITH MOVEMENT can take you into the OUTER COURT without you realising it. Be careful what you hear!

Recommended reading:

"Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ" [Jeanne Guyon] It adds the flesh to the bare bones outline given in this article.
"Plans, Purposes and Pursuits" [Kenneth Hagin]
"Series on Intimacy with God. Three Realms of Prayer" [Benny Hinn]

*Acknowledgement is made for numerous excerpts from the above works which have been included in the above article. Remember, all that we have received - the truth - is not from us, but from God.